SEACOM gets new Group Chief Financial Officer and announces leadership transition

SEACOM, one of the continent’s ICT services providers has announced significant changes within its executive leadership team.

Mr. Lucas Malamule Ndala has been appointed as the new Group Chief Financial Officer (GCFO), succeeding Richard Schumacher, who previously held the role.

“Ndala’s appointment as GCFO marks a pivotal moment in SEACOM’s ongoing journey of growth and innovation. With a career spanning over two decades, Lucas brings a wealth of financial expertise and industry insight to the organisation,” the company said in a statement.

“We are excited to welcome Lucas Ndala as our new Group Chief Financial Officer, and usher Richard Schumacher into his new role. Lucas’s appointment reflects our commitment to enhancing our financial strategy and sustainability, while Richard’s new position highlights our dedication to strategic partnerships and alliances. Together, they will play integral roles in guiding SEACOM to new heights in the telecommunications and managed services industry,” a statement indicated quoting Alpheus Mangale, Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of SEACOM.

SEACOM said that the new Group Chief Financial Officer has a remarkable track record, having served in various executive roles within the Telkom Group, including CFO, COO, Group Executive for the GCEO Support Office, and board member of the Telkom Group division, Openserve. He also served as CFO at BCX and interim CEO of Postbank. His extensive experience and strong academic background make him exceptionally well-suited to lead SEACOM’s financial strategies with precision and innovation.

At the same time, Richard Schumacher will transition to a new position as Chief Wholesale and Strategic Alliances Officer.

In this capacity, Richard will play a crucial role in fostering stronger relationships with SEACOM’s global customers, partners, and suppliers, further enhancing SEACOM’s strategic position in the market.

These leadership changes came as SEACOM advanced its transformative phase. The company is committed to addressing the evolving needs of its customers, driving sustained growth, expanding into new markets, and transitioning to a regional focus with localised customer attention.

These strategic leadership changes underscore SEACOM’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the ICT sector. As the company forges ahead in this dynamic landscape, it looks forward to leveraging Lucas Ndala’s financial expertise and Richard Schumacher’s strategic acumen to drive innovation and continued success.

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