Singer Big Eye, DJ Jacob warn Alien Skin against attacking Kyagulanyi

Ugandan Musician Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye has warned his fellow Artist Patrick Mulwana aka Alien Skin against undermining the will of people (People’s Power) that if he doesn’t think twice before making certain statements, he will land into trouble.

Singer Alien Skin (Courtesy photo)

“Banange nze sikyazanyira ku maanyi
gabantu ngamanyi bulungi ngalozezaako
ekimala.” Big Eye’s statement literally translated that I can no longer play with People’s will because I have tested its repercussions on several occasions.

it should be remembered that ever since Big Eye joined partisan politics, on several occasions, he has been pelted with mineral water bottles on most of the shows he has been performing as a sign of discontent of his fans against the decision he took.

Another person to advise Alien is radio DJ Jacob Akugizibwe aka Deejay Jacob Omutuuze another person who faced the wrath of National Unity Platform (NUP) fans who attacked him on various platforms accusing him of attacking Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine (the Principal of that Political establishment).

“Dear Anonymous, People never loved your music bro it’s just sympathy you got from the slap that made you famous. 80% of the people who follow your music today love #BobiWine With All Their Hearts. So be careful when you address the people’s president in your mouth next time. Remember am one of the victims and I know how it feels.” advised Jaccob via his official account.

Source of controversy

While appearing in an interview on one of the Local televisions, Alien Skin who declared him the new Ghetto President noted that he can’t rely on any Political Party or Politician for support including NUP when he is so strong a statement which has angered most of his fans.

“I can never bow down for NUP and Bobi Wine. I am also a self-made ghetto
gladiator. I refused to go to Magere and
Kamwokya because I’m a lion king too, and two lions can’t be in one den,”‘ Said Alien

On top of that, he emphasized that fans should not pressure him to deliver to them things he never promised them at the beginning of his career.

Fans react

Some fans have seconded Alien for being bold and always making personal decisions without being influenced by anybody.

“My number ONE, Much respect Alein skin no matter what big up team Kimenke.” commented one of his fans on social media.

Other fans criticized him for being arrogant, and disrespectful something which is most likely to be costly to his career.

“Tokyalina kyotugamba….the table you shook has expensive drinks.”

Nkwacho Festival postponed

Over the weekend, Alien Skin surprised many when he officially announced that he will not be holding the highly hyped Nkwacho festival which was scheduled to be held at Forest Park in Buloba, Wakiso district on 27th August 2023.

Some of the reasons which were mentioned for the postponement was that the Artist failed to agree with Abbey Musinguzi aka Abitex on the amount of money to be paid. some were alleging that Alien was asking for 100 million shillings for that show and the promoter failed to offer it.

However, Abitex decided to change the name of the event from ‘Nkwacho’ festival to the ‘Red’ festival and maintained the same date and Venue.

Alien comes to the limelight
Alien Skin came to the limelight in the month of May 2023, after being assaulted by a fellow musician Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso a few days before his show (Love Fest).

Alien Skin won people’s hearts when he decided not to fight back although he was capable of doing so, this portrayed him as a well-disciplined and down-to-earth artist which won him favor among the people.

This attracted Abitex’s attention to ask people whether it was possible to stage up a show on the same day with Pallaso (entitled battle) to find out who was more powerful.

The show which was organized at Freedom City in one week, was a success after attracting one of the largest crowds ever since the place was established. This was a turning point for Alien and he started receiving an overwhelming number of bookings up to date.

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