Don’t bring stunts in my business – Meseach warns Artists

Singer Measeach Semkula has asked Artists who have turned his restaurant (Papaz Spot) as a ring to stage up their fights to stop it with immediate effect.

Musician , Meseach Semakula (Courtesy Photo)

On Tuesday, there was a viral video on various social media platforms of Singer Grace Khan fighting with Kid dee at the entrance of the Restaurant a few weeks after another singer Alien Skin was assaulted in the same venue.

This created a big topic of discussion on social media as many people were question their safety incase they tend to appear in the same venue.

Upon realizing the negative consequences of the endless fights , Meseach Semakula (The director of the Restaurant) has used has issued a strong warning to Artists never to stop distablizing his business through their endless fights.

“Stop subotaging my retirement business, some of you are still young and have more time to make money. I apologize to my customers that such incidents are not going to happen again.”

He therefore advised those engaged in stunts to look for other means of getting content which is not soiling other people’s businesses

“I heard that these people started their games at Mr. Lule’s Restaurant and carried it upto here. These are real stunts because they always start in the presence of a camera.” he added

Earlier on Singer Grace Khan via her official social media platforms , she issued a public apology to Meseach regreting about the whole incident.











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