State Attorneys to be equipped with modern prosecutorial tools

KAMPALA– The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Jane Frances Abodo has opened a week–long induction for ODPP newly recruited State Attorneys at Hotel Brova in Masaka.

DPP , Jane Frances Abodo (Seated in centre) , other senior staff from ODPP and the Prosecutors in Masaka on Tuesday.

The induction which is running from 3rd to 9th December 2023 is intended to equip the recruits with knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently execute their prosecutorial function.

While opening the induction, the DPP said to the recruits, “We want to provide you with modern and adequate prosecutorial tools. There is a diversity of topics to equip you with knowledge and skills to professionally discharge your functions at your different stations. It is hoped that by the end of this training, you will adapt more to your jobs and to the public service with ease.”

The DPP noted that Prosecutors wield a lot of power, and it’s up to each one of them to either use that power appropriately or misuse it and cause suffering to the innocent Ugandan. She however added that there were repercussions for either action. She implored them to be humane and execute justice.

She urged the recruits to serve the public with utmost humility, transparency, integrity and patriotism, and take upright decisions without fear, favour, malice, Affection or ill–will.

The DPP also informed the recruits that the ODPP management had constituted a coaching team to coach them on the daily workings and business processes of the ODPP. That they had been divided into groups of ten; each group having two coaches.

Accordingly, they will be coached on various aspects including perusal of case files, the decision to charge, drafting of committal papers, pre–trial Preparation trial , advocacy among others.

The induction is being held in partnership with the Civil Service College of Uganda, Human Trafficking Institute, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and Redeem International.

Ms. Savia Mugwanya, the Commissioner of the Civil Service College Compassio advised the recruits to be responsive, address the issues of the citizens and make a difference. She further advised them to create brands and purpose to leave a legacy.

Mr. Innocent Mudeebo, the Director of Programs, Redeem International advised the recruits to manage cases of widows and orphans with keen interest and Compassion.

Some of the State Attorneys(100) were recruited at the beginning of the financial year to address the longstanding staffing gap in the ODPP. Ten (10) were already serving in the ODPP as Senior State Prosecutors and were appointed as State Attorneys upon attainment of higher qualifications.











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