Public out cry for teachers to His Excellence the President

KAMPALA — Your Excellence, I write with respect to the guidelines toward the control and confrontation of the pandemic which has no cure at the moment. We all appreciate the fact that you as the president, your government and all concerned stake holders are putting in efforts to fight the monster. However, allow me risk myself and sacrifice for the good of comrades to shape the education fraternity otherwise we are already compromising the standards of the teacher not withstanding the recently launched National Teacher’s Policy whose gist is to improve the quality of teachers.

I would urge that if the government want to genuinely check the Pandemic, then it must contradict the order and sequence of the entire arrangements. Say let’s halt payment of the medical workers since we are on the war

I have read papers where Comrade Turyagenda and Comrade Okanya Patrick the head teachers of Ntare School and Kasengejje SS emphasizing that there is no need to have schools opened when Ugandans have not ascertained safety of Nations. I agree with the duo 100%.

However, I understand the duo spoke in the capacity of headteachers of government schools and executives to the Association of Secondary Schools mainly comprising of Government Workers. The opinions much as they sound genuine, I challenge the opinions to be conclusion for the entire concern. We have different other players whom we haven’t heard from among whom are the
• Principals of colleges,
• Directors of private tertiary institutions
• Teachers in Private schools
• Directors of schools both primary and schools.
• UNION of teachers both Private and UNATU
• Causula workers in these schools.

Its unfair for a satisfied person to speak on behalf of the hungry people who make up the biggest number of the teaching fraternity. I bet the persons who gave in the above submission must be owning big junk of land for agriculture in the west, a personal house if not 2 one for the school and another a private home, a school vehicle entitled to them as Headteachers and a huge account with money to control

I now speak on behalf of the private Education practitioners whose voices seem to be suffocated at the moment as we concentrate on DJs, Mouth to hand vulnerable, Bodabodas, artists and so others.

Your Excellence, I now represent the teachers who,
• Pay rent
• Have children to feed at home
• Take medication for their children.
• Buy food because majority of them don’t have an extra business.
Surely, how do you expect teachers to not to pay rent? What kind of teacher is suchand how will community respect such people whom you want to mold behaviours of your toddlers?
With due respect to government teachers whose salaries were paid on 24th April 2020, Most Private school teachers haven’t received salary since Feb when the directors last paid them. Your Excellence, those who received salary for April and had loans to service, Banks already cut their remittances for April and have been left with peanuts which can’t take them through the next cycle.

Your excellence, we appreciated the fact that you chose Maama the First Lady to take up this social service ministry such that you improve the welfare of both children and teachers. We thank you for the National Teachers’ Policy aimed at uplifting the teacher’s value. However, abandoning teachers at this very time leaves Maama’s efforts wasted your Excellence.

With due respect to government teachers, we should appraise those in the private sector owing that most good performing especially primary school teachers are private schools and so are pace setting teacher to the fraternity.

In the same vain, we should not forget that the chairperson of the COVID 19 Task Force is himself a private practitioner as founder of Uganda’s Quality Chemicals. This means private practitioners are worthy celebrating.

Truth be told your excellence, Directors have no money to pay the private teachers and most of them have paid half salary not because they wanted but because the funds are not with them to fulfill the commitments.

Your excellence, As we speak teachers are now STARVING AND FIGHTING to find ends meet either in Agriculture or Vending in market places. Who will now ever respect a vender turned teacher after COVID and see him/her return back to class

Your excellence As we keep quite at the matter, we are giving chance to compromising our education system once we keep not minding as teachers are now divided and looking at teaching as a NO FUTURE AN MORE PROFESSION.

Your excellence, teachers have no problem with seating at home until when the pandemic has been confronted. What is at stake is to help teachers, support staff, Casual workers, Directors of these institutions go through the pandemic period which according to speculation is due August.

Your excellence, we appreciate the fact that you offered a deduction of 1.4 M from your salary as you stand with Ugandans. Your excellence how I wish you directed the public service to undertake the same and have money pulled to rescue comrades.

Your excellence until now Ugandans are bitter about the inner circles in the entire pandemic war whom most look at as money laundering agents and suggest that if in a war then why pay some people yet during the 1986 guerrilla war, you never mentioned of any payments to any of the participant within your Sowing the Mastered Seed. Your excellence if it’s true we are in a war then some of your closest haven’t understood the war because they have heard you talk about paying those at the frontline with a big takehome. (Doctor and soldier)

Your excellence, according to some teachers who have received April salary, deductions have been made from them and so teacher need to understand the war that spares the taxi collector

Truth be told your excellence Abashomesa Tibiine eby’okurya.

Teachers are starving your excellence and it seems the people within the ministry of Educations corridors fear to tell you and Maama *boldly*. You closed schools on 20th and have not given an actual day for when you will open them.

Kindly your excellence gather teachers in their respective schools and give back to them from the 7.5 Million as contributed to the Task force by the Principals of Teachers Colleges and the 23 Million Shillings as contributed by ASSHU.
All Said from

Concerned Educator
Mwalim Solomon Bbumba


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