Teachers raise 3 legitimate questions that must be addressed before finalists report to school

Teachers from private schools have raised three fundamental questions that they think must be addressed immediately before finalists students report back to schools.

In latter sent to this website on Sunday evening, teachers propose that there should be  a negotiated mode of payment between schools and parents

“But not councelling fees since content will not be councelled or reduce.


1- Should private schools pay teachers for April and May?

YES, because:

(a) Teachers will still teach all the same content and cover all the syllabus (S1-S4) S(5-S6) as before in COVID-19 absence.

(b) Teachers will still put in all the quality time and even more in research and teaching to ensure learners are well prepared to excel as in the case before Covid-19.

(c) Teachers will even use more intellectual and physical energy to help learners cover time lost in April and may which deserves pay.

(d) Teachers will even make more sacrifices such as foregoing their personal development projects to enable learners, school and the nation achieve its education goal.

(e) Teachers will have to even become more creative in simplifying work for learners and furthermore do a lot of counseling to learners to protect their lives from Covid-19 which was not part of 2020 academic year plan.

Ministry of Education recruits 8,300 new teachers

2. What are possible things that may happen if teachers are not paid for the two months?

(a) Most them will loose morale since it will mean the profession minds less about their welfare.


A teacher shares an insight with pupils

(b) Some content may also be skipped in the name of COVID-19 yet lack of payment.

(c) Teachers will task the learners to do their work indirectly due to lack of commitment.

(d) Teachers will divert their energy in more profitable ventures than minding more for unappreciative schools and parents.

(e) Supervision of teacher by administration will be delicate coz it will be inhuman to demand too much from an individual you have not catered for the legitimate needs.

3. Should parents complete term 1 fees?

YES! Because!

(a) Content to be taught to learners will not be reduced due to covid-19.

(b) Objective of learners joining school shall not change or reduce.

(c) The parents will still require school to do the same or more to build the future of their children as before in the absence of covid-19

NB. Mode of school fees payment may be negotiated but not councelling fees since content will not be councelled or reduce.

We need parents/guardians awareness about teacher’s value.

The writer, a professional teacher, asked to remained anonymous


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