Terrorists convicted, sentenced to 7 years in jail

High Court International Crimes Division (ICD) Justice Susan Okallany has convicted and sentenced Dhikusooka Faiswali alias Hibwagi Sinani Faruuku alias Sooka, Muhindo Sarutiyona, Kamanya Musa and Agaba Farook of the offenses of Belonging or Professing to belong to a Terrorist Organization, Rendering Support to a Terrorist Organization, Terrorism Financing, four counts of Aggravated Trafficking in Persons, and Trafficking in Children.

The convictions were premised on a Plea Bargain Agreement executed by the accused persons (now convicts) and the Prosecution.

It was the case of the Prosecution that the convicts and others still at large between May 2018 and July 2019 in diverse areas and places in the districts of Mbale and areas of Elgon, Mayuge, Bukedi, and other parts of Busoga, Kampala, and other parts of Central Uganda and Kasese, belonged to or professed to belong to Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a Terrorist Organization, and they rendered support to ADF by recruiting and transporting recruits to ADF camps in the Democratic Republic of Congo knowing that the support they were rendering would be used for the preparation, commission or instigation of acts of terrorism.

The Prosecution also contended that Dhikusooka Faiswali provided funds to ADF with the intention that the funds would be used or in the knowledge that such funds would be used by ADF, a terrorist organization.

Dhikusooka Faiswali alias Hibwagi Sinani Faruuku alias Sooka, Muhindo Sarutiyona, Kamanya Musa, and Agaba Farook were each sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.

The trial will however proceed in respect to Mukwaya Muzamiru who opted to plead not guilty.

The matter was handled by Jatiko Thomas Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions and Omara Lillian Chief State Attorney of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and it was investigated by the Uganda Police Force.

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