The Nile River is a symbol of the ties that bind us

Dr. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga at the closing of the Seventh Nile Basin Development Forum (NBDF)

KAMPALA: The Right Honourable First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of East African Community Affairs, Dr. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga who was the guest of honor closed the Seventh Nile Basin Development Forum (NBDF) on 17 October 2023 at Commonwealth Resort, Munyonyo in Kampala, Uganda.

According to Kadaga, she felt the honor and privilege to declare the seventh Nile Basin Development Forum 2023 officially closed after three days.

Delivering a keynote speech, Kadaga said that the Nile River which has cradled civilizations for millennia has today become a testament to the power of collective thought and action.

“The Nile, in all its majesty, serves not just as a source of life and livelihood but as a symbol of the ties that bind us,” she said

However, she understands that the discussions ranged from sustainable development to climate change adaptation, from equitable resource management to fostering innovation, financing, and investment reminding us of the intertwined destinies of our nations and the necessity for an inclusive and comprehensive approach.

“Over these days, you have reaffirmed that the future of the Nile Basin rests not just in the hands of one nation, but in the collective commitment of all its stakeholders”

She also acknowledged that the resolutions, partnerships formed, and policy recommendations made at the Forum have laid a strong foundation for a future in which the Nile Basin doesn’t just survive but thrives.

“Together, we have crafted a vision that values every drop of water and every life that depends on this great river,” Kadaga acknowledged

However, she reminded everyone about the challenges that lie ahead and that the path to a harmonious and sustainable Nile Basin is neither short nor without obstacles.

But she believed that if this Forum has proven anything, it’s that when ten nations and countless communities come together with shared purpose and mutual respect, there is no insurmountable challenge.

She asked the audience to not view the closure of the Forum as an end but as a beginning. A beginning of intensified collaborations, of implementing the strategies and solutions we’ve discussed, and of ensuring that every individual and community along the Nile benefits from our efforts.

“I urge each of you to carry the insights, connections, and commitments made here back to your respective countries and spheres of influence. Let’s translate our dialogue into action, and our aspirations into tangible outcomes,” she asked

As the various stakeholders gathered for the conclusion of the Seventh NBDF were filled with a sense of gratitude, optimism, and responsibility. Over the past month, from 18th September to 18th October 2023, showed that they have collectively embarked on a deep and transformative journey.



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