Torrero to unveil softer version dubbed ‘Torrero Wild’


Mr. Cedric Maniala, the Sales & Marketing Manager at Yuti Breweries addresses reporters on Saturday morning (PHOTO /Courtesy)

NAMANVE— Torrero Liqueur manufacturer—Yuti Breweries has sought to unveil a new version dubbed ‘Torrero Wild’ a smoother variant of the popular original Torrero liqueur.

It is the latest addition to the Torrero Family with the company reducing on Alcohol content by upto 5.3% in the new smoother product.

The original Torrero Liqueur which is still available on the market has upto 42.8% of alcohol content while the new version has been reduced to 37.5% but with a smoother and refreshing taste, according to Mr. Cedric Maniala, the Sales & Marketing Manager at the Namanve based—Yuti Breweries Limited.

It is hoped that it will fill a niche with younger drinkers frequenting Kampala pubs and clubs.

Mr. Maniala told reporters that Torrero Wild will be a distinctive, flavourful drink with the perfect balance of sweet and bitter to achieve smoothness and refreshment that everyone can enjoy.

Maniala said the product has been developed following potential and customers feedback who demanded a lighter version of the Torrero.

He said that all ingredients that include demineralised water, natural spirits, sugar, caramel and flavoring agents in the product are sourced locally.

Torrero Smooth is made using only the finest natural ingredients which are sourced locally.

It is identified as a softer version of original Torrero which still has the same refreshing effect.


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