UBTEB sets date to release Nov/Dec exam results

The Minister of Education and Sports, Ms Janet Museveni, and the Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) have set Wednesday June 17 to release the results for November/December 2019 examinations results.

The date has been set by the UBTB board in consultation with Ministry of Education.

UBTEB board chaired by Dr. Silver Mugisha and Executive Secretary Mr Oyesigye Onesmus are expected to Education Minister Janet Museveni about the performance of the candidates.

The results will be released on Wednesday June 17 by the minister at yet to be unnamed venue.

Normally, UBTEB exams are normally released from it’s Secretariat in Kampala.

“In accordance with the Statutory Instrument 2009, No.9 on establishment of Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board , I am pleased to inform the public that the Minister of Education and Sports, shall officiate the release of the UBTEB’s end of
programme examinations results to the public on 17 th June 2020,” Oyesigye wrote in a letter seen by Education News Uganda.

The results to be released next week by Minister of Education and Sports include
candidates who completed studies academic programmes including Technical Diploma programmes, Business Diploma programmes, and Business Certificate programmes.

Others include Physical and Biological Diploma programmes, Physical and Biological Certificate programmes.

UBTEB board is known for quality assessment for appropriate skills
development for socio-economic transformation among others.

Meanwhile, UBTEB online registration portal has been open for principal to register candidates online despite lock down.

The Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board is a statutory national assessment body established by an Act of Parliament and mandated to streamline, regulate, coordinate and conduct credible national examinations and award Certificates and Diplomas in the Business, Technical and Vocational professions in Uganda.

The UBTEB mandate is derived from the provision of the BTVET Act which distinguishes between the functions of training provisions and quality assurance.

The BTVET Act describes the criteria and access requirements for BTVET programmes and establishes institutional and management arrangements for defining qualifications (Standards, testing and certification) and for providing training in formal and non formal institutions in Uganda.


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