Uganda Census Extended to May 25

Minister Amos Lugoloobi and Dr. Chris Mukiza

In a significant development, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has announced a crucial extension of the national population and housing census period to May 25, 2024.

This move follows initial challenges in the enumeration process, including login difficulties and incomplete listing during mapping, which affected some enumeration areas.

UBOS Executive Director and Census Commissioner, Chris N. Mukiza (PhD), announced the extension, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity. “We want to guarantee that everyone is counted, and no one is left behind. This extension will enable us to reach all households and individuals who may have missed the initial enumeration period.”

The extension provides an opportunity for households that have not yet been enumerated to make an appointment with their LC1 Chairpersons to agree on a date and time for enumeration before the end of the waiver period.

Supervisors are urged to ensure complete coverage and quality assurance during this period.

The census exercise, which began on May 10, aims to collect data on population size, distribution, and characteristics, as well as housing conditions and amenities.

The data will be used to inform development planning, policy decisions, and resource allocation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be counted! Make an appointment with your LC1 Chairperson today and ensure your voice is heard in shaping Uganda’s future.


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