Uganda registers 11 coronavirus cases on Thursday, infections soar to 74

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Uganda have risen to 74 after 11 more truck drivers tested positive for the COVID-19 disease.

Previously, the ministry of Health wouldn’t add such imported cases on Uganda’s tally but following the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO), they are now added unto the national tally.

WHO demanded that imported all cases be counted and treated in countries where they tested positive.

Today Thursday, a total of 1331 samples were tested including 311 samples from the community and quarantine centres as well as 1020 samples from truck drivers at different border points.

Out of the 11 new infections, six are Tanzanian truck drivers who arrived via Mutukula Border post while five are Kenyan truck drivers; 3 arrived via Malaba and 2 arrived via Busia.

None of the cases registered had signs and symptoms consistent with CIVID-19

Total Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Uganda is now 74

Total COVID-19 recoveries in Uganda are 46


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