Ugandan Community Leader in Turkey on the run over Alleged Human Trafficking

Musa Mbabali allegedly on the run

Authorities in Turkey are looking for a one Musa Mbabali the Ugandan Community Information Minister in relationship to his alleged involvement in Human Trafficking activities and confiscation of passports of vulnerable Ugandans.

Mbabali’s search follows the temporary release of the community President, Hussein Ssemyalo on Police bond over related matters early this week.

The community leadership is under investigation on accusations of forcing many Ugandans into prostitution and drug abuse in the foreign land.

Last week, a one Urfali Mehmed a human rights defender ran to Twitter calling on authorities to intervene in a case of one Ugandan lady only know as Janat who the community leadership had denied access to her passport.

According to Mehmed, Janat who was in labor sought for his help to secure her passport from the community leaders so that she can have access to medical care from the hospital.

In a tweet, Mehmed revealed that he had approached the community offices  to request for the lady’s passport but the leadership headed by the information minister, Musa Mbabali refused to surrender the lady’s passport on claims that they are still demanding her money.

Doğum yapacak kadın,pasaportuna uganda komite dernegi el koymuş fuhuş yapıp 10 dolar getir pasaportunu al ben şuan ordayım pasaportunu banada vermediler ellerinde çok bayanin pasaporuda var.@istanbul_EGM.@Gocidaresi.@Abdul_kadir_bal.@TarlabasiDayani,” Mehmed tweeted.

Translation below:

The woman who will give birth, the Uganda committee association confiscated her passport, do prostitution and bring 10 dollars, take her passport, I am there now, they did not give me her passport, they have a lot of women’s passports.@istanbul_EGM.@Gocidaresi.@Abdul_kadir_bal.@TarlabasiDayani

This News site has learnt that authorities in Turkey have since swung into action and early this week the community President was arrested and spent a night behind bars before being released on Police bond.

Police has since mounted a hunt for Mbabali who is believed to be the ringleader of the illegal activities. Mbabali is currently on the run and has since switched off all his contacts.

The authorities have since raided his home and taken with them a number of exhibits.

Musa Mbabali

“Whoever is confiscating passports for different Ugandans should hand them over. We have been surrounded up and before I knew it the authorities were hitting at Musa’s door. We are all terrorized this issue is not a joke,” said one the lady who stays near Musa’s place of residence.

It is also reported that the authorities have surrounded the community offices and whichever Ugandan goes there is searched to ascertain their identity.

Community members have since asked the President to courteous enough and resign immediately due to the embarrassment that his leadership has caused to the entire Ugandan Community in Turkey.

Ugandan authorities are yet to come out on the matter.

However, the community leadership has since distanced itself from involvement in human trafficking noting that it only plays a role of arbitration between victims and those that sponsor them to Turkey.

On allegations that the community leadership confiscates passports of many Ugandans especially ladies and forces them into prostitution, Ssemyalo has since noted “It isn’t true every Body has their passport only that the lady in question had issues with the person who brought her to this country so she shifted the blame to UCT”.

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