UMA Trade fair: How Students learnt amidst entertainment

LUGOGO– On Monday as people from various part of the country celebrated the 61st Uganda’s Independence ,   students from several schools used the same opportunity to visit the 29th Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) Trade fair where they learnt a about several new skills and endless entertainment.

Some of the students entertaining their colleagues at the Education Pavilion on Monday.

Being a Public Holiday , most schools found it suitable to bring in their students in the one week long trade fair before a day to its official closure.

All these had to go through the Education Pavilion where several companies and institutions were showcasing materials related to learning on top of conducting career guidance sessions.

“I completed my O’ level from Nabisunsa girls school and at first i was discouraged by my friends from taking up a course in Electrical engineering. I didn’t take their advise and i enrolled at Nakawa Vocational Institute which i don’t regret about up to today.” revealed Aminah Abdul Noor student Nakawa Vocational institute.

Some of the students at upper section of the Trade fair

She therefore advised those with dreams of becoming Engineers , Electricians etc to save time by branching off at an early stage, so that they can start learning practical skills that are necessary in their carriers.

“If you manage you studies very well , after a few years in the vocational field , you can still join University and do a related degree.”

The students were introduced to new innovations in the educational sector like computer programs which can enable a student to teach him/herself science subjects without a teacher.

Its on this background that all students were urged to have a practical skill on top of the professions they intend to take up so that they can freely compete in the job market.

Students from various schools participated in fuss ball competitions.

“The covid19 pandemic introduced a number of changes where several people lost their jobs. In developed world some were replaced by robots well as some companies realized that they didn’t need all the numbers they had when even the few who remained could perform to the expectation.” said Patrick Mulindwa , one of the facilitators at the Education Pavilion.

Away from education, many enaged in promotional activities at the trade fair where they won freebies on top of being entertained by various performers.

Many persevered in the drizzling rain to continue with their various activities at the trade fair which left many worried about what wilp happen to these students who appeared not bothered by anything.

All in all , the students utilized their time at the trade fair and by 5 pm when they were asked to leave, they didn’t regret  since they had done it all and received the value for their money.























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