UMI Alumni launch SACCO, elect new leaders

UMI alumni celebrate the launch of their SACCO, UMI Elite SACCO, at Hotel Africana in Kampala. The event marked a significant step towards financial freedom and empowerment

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Uganda Management Institute (UMI) alumni have launched their own SACCO, UMI Elite SACCO, to provide financial services to members.

The launch was held at Hotel Africana in Kampala on Saturday and was attended by esteemed guests, including Dunstan Kisule, who delivered a keynote address.

UMI Elite SACCO is built on three pillars including Wealth, Welfare, and Growth.

The SACCO aims to promote financial inclusion and empowerment among its members, with a focus on wealth creation, welfare improvement, and growth enhancement.

The SACCO’s governance structure was also elected during the event, with Prof. Dr. Levi Musinguzi B heading the Vetting Committee, accompanied by Achiro Jacqueline and Dissan Ssentumbwe as members.

Henry Owora was elected as the chairperson of the Supervisory Board, with Asekenye Catherine and Niwamanya Mudasiri as members.

The Board is led by Mivule Ronald Musoke as Chairperson, with Nyabwolo Zitta N as Vice Chairperson, Ochola Immaculate as Treasurer, and Lumumba Patrick as Secretary.

Francis Ikanga Muwanguzi, Ronald Ochoo, Fred Wangara O, Byarugaba Elizabeth, and Susan Najjumba were also elected as Committee Members.

Mivule the elected Chairperson of the Board, pledged to work tirelessly to ensure the SACCO’s success and to promote the interests of its members.

The leadership of UMI Elite SACCO has pledged to ensure transparency and accountability in its operations, and to work towards achieving the SACCO’s objectives of wealth creation, welfare improvement, and growth enhancement for its members.


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