UNEB issues procedures for equating academic qualifications


UNEB is mandated to equate foreign qualifications at Primary School and Secondary School levels to UNEB standards at Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE – Ordinary level), and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE – Advanced level).

The following procedures shall be followed by any person who wishes to apply for his/her academic qualifications to be equated.

  1. Applicant wishing his/her academic qualification to be equated will be attended to in UNEB offices located in Ntinda between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm on working days only (Monday to Friday) excluding public holidays.
  2. The applicant shall:
    1. Apply using a standard Application Form, to the Executive Secretary UNEB for the equating services.
    2. Provide the original of the academic qualification document to be equated.
    3. Submit a certified copy of the academic qualification document to be equated.
  3. Provide the postal, telephone, and e-mail address of the institution that awarded the academic qualification.
  4. Provide the postal, telephone, and e-mail address of the institution that requires the equated results.
  5. Appear in person for a short interview with the equating officer.
  6. Have a personal identification document (e.g. national identity card, passport, etc.).
  7. Provide one clear photocopy of the personal identification document. The person applying for equating of academic qualification is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the academic qualification document submitted for equating.
  8. Provide a signed Declaration Form declaring that the academic qualification document is genuine, not forged or fraudulently acquired, and he/she is the rightful owner.
  9. Securely affixed to the Declaration Form his/her recently taken passport size photograph countersigned against by a Commissioner of Oaths.
  10. The applicant must note that UNEB shall not be held liable for any forgeries/alterations in the academic qualification document submitted for equating and that the person submitting the same undertakes to hold UNEB harmless against any actions that may arise from the tendered academic qualification document being a forgery or containing incorrect information.
  11. Academic qualification documents (e.g. certificates) that are not written in the English Language must first be taken to Makerere University (Centre for Language and Communication Services) for translation into the English Language before presenting them for equating. Photocopies of both original and translated versions must be provided.
  12. Any person with hearing impairment should come with a sign language interpreter to facilitate the easy flow of information and communication.
  13. A fee to be determined by UNEB from time to time shall be charged and paid by the applicant for each academic qualification document to be equated. Additional cost for postage may be levied.
  14. UNEB shall accept to process the application for equating only after payment has been received.
  15. All payments shall be made in commercial banks or through any other modes of payment that shall be determined by the Uganda National Examinations Board.
  16. The equated documents shall be ready for sending to receipted notification within five working days from the date payment is confirmed.
  17. The equated result shall be sent to the address of the institution that requires it.
  18. UNEB shall not be held liable for any forgeries/alteration of equated results.
  19. UNEB shall not be responsible for the identity of the applicant.

N.B. These guidelines, the Application Form and Form for Declaration of Authenticity of Academic Qualifications can be downloaded from the UNEB website 

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