SPOTLIGHT: UNEB asking UGX.2 from each political candidate to block youth and women participation in Electoral process

SUMMARY: So now why should UNEB ask for 2 million shillings for verification of documents? What kind of verification do they do that takes all this money?

It is so perturbing to watch the government of Uganda through its institutions loot the already starving poor Ugandans of their little resources.

When the Electoral Commission announced the Revised Road map to the 2021 General Elections on 16th June 2020, it gave a deadline of 11th August for all aspiring Parliamentary and Presidential elections to go to UNEB (Uganda National Examinations Board) to verify their academic qualifications of all those who do not have ‘A’ level but have equivalent and submit them for establishment by Electoral Commission, but we did not know that it was going to be that much expensive.

UNEB has now been asking for 2 million shillings from each aspiring candidate to verify their documents.

I find this so unfair, ridiculous, unacceptable and uncalled for?! For example, when a University is verifying your University transcripts as a student, you pay only 5,000shs to 20,000shs a copy depending on the University.

So now why should UNEB ask for 2 million shillings for verification of documents? What kind of verification do they do that takes all this money?

Are the people at UNEB verifying documents much more special from those of Universities and Institutions of Learning? Or do they use an advanced technology, time and machines to verify papers that are actually more costly than any other in Uganda and all over the world?!!

Lydiah Namayengo , Political Analyst accuses UNEB of blocking youth and Women from participating in electoral process (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Isn’t this a government move to #LockOut young people, young women and other men and women in general from engaging in the elections as candidates because they can not afford this whole costly process?!!

Why should government entities like UNEB that are supposed to be operating independently accept to be part of those institutions that promote #Commercialization of #Politics and allow to be used by the dictatorship government in power to suppress democracy and the rule of law?

Why should they accept to be part of those that inhibit free, fair and transparent elections that give an opportunity to everyone to actively participate irrespective of your political party Affiliation, social class, and economic class or whether you are poor or rich?!!

Why should UNEB accept to be part of those trying to violate and overthrow the 1995 Constitution of Uganda that gives “all Ugandans of 18 years and above the right to effectively participate in civic and government affairs”, practise their right to vote as well as determine how they shall be governed and who will govern them?!

These government interventions to promote discrimination in observing the rule of law and promotion of democracy #MUST #STOP!!

All Ugandans must have equal rights to engage in the democratic processes and leadership of their country.

I call upon UNEB to lower this amount to atleast 50, 000 Ugandan shillings as a fee for verification to make it affordable for everyone because there is nothing so peculiar and different with UNEB’s verification that is not done in other institutions of learning.

I call upon the MPs to regulate on this amount to bargain or pass a bill or motion against such dubious policies in a bid to protect the Constitution.

I call upon all candidates to reject this fee and work together with activists to de-campaign against them such that we maintain our democracy.

This writer, Lydiah Namayengo  is Political Analyst


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