Unicaf University, Old Budonian Club sign deal to enhance educational opportunities

(R-L) Moses Turyagumanawe, Marketing Manager at Unicaf University Uganda, Suzan Muhoza, First Vice President of Old Budonian Club at OBC, shake hands after formalizing their partnership

Through its Corporate Sponsorship program, Unicaf University has partnered with Old Budonian Club (OBC) to enhance educational opportunities for OBC members and graduates.

The collaboration, convened at the Old Budonian Club offices in Kisaasi, promises to empower individuals with expanded learning opportunities in the UK and seeks to achieve professional growth within the OBC community.

Moses Turyagumanawe, the Marketing Manager at Unicaf University Uganda, while speaking at the MoU signing, said, “Unicaf University is determined to continue supporting different Ugandans in their corporate sponsorship scheme programs.”

Speaking about their partnership with OBC, Turyagumanawe said, “Unicaf saw it wise to bring this opportunity to this reputable club for its members to be able to achieve their career dreams by studying through enrolling in one of the programs at Unicaf Universities.” “Old Budonian is one of the reputable clubs that brings together different students and Alumni of Kings College Budo. We had to make this partnership happen in order to continue extending and making it possible for the members, their staff, and families to study UK degrees at an affordable cost.”

Suzan Muhoza, the First Vice President of Old Budonian Club, said, “This partnership is a great opportunity for our members to further their education. I believe this opportunity is going to avail more answers for members of Old Budonian Club who want to further their education because of the packages that have been offered. The ease of the scholarships, the discounts, is going to provide a lot more opportunities to those who want to further their education up to PhD level.” She hailed Unicaf University for the opportunity and pledged a very positive relationship with them.

James Phillip Kigongo, a Decade Representative at OBC, said, “People have been locked out of UK traditional universities, but Unicaf opens you up to other universities that are good and available to all without segregation.” Kigongo added, “UK has always been out of reach due to costs, but with Unicaf’s online learning, it will now be easy for members to further their education. The problem has been cost; UK was always out of reach, but with the training where you have hybrid learning, you have online, then you can go out and attend your graduation. This is really opening it up to all classes of people, and the Buddo community is big; there’s Buddo Junior community, Kings College Buddo Community, and then there’s the Alumni community outside. Now, those three, when you bring them up and show them this information, it’s going to help them a lot.”

Unicaf University extends degree programs from bachelors to PhDs to students at an affordable, convenient, and best learning environment called synchronic learning.


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