VIDEO: UPDF soldier shoots couple dead in Masaka


A Local Defence Unit (LDU) officer has shot dead the LC I Chairperson of Katovu village, Malongo Sub-county, Lwengo district. This happened on Elgin Street in Masaka Municipality.

According to the DPC of Masaka, the UPDF reserve  officer called Robert Muyaga also shot his alleged wife, Jacqueline Asaasira on scene. The cause of the disagreement among the three is believed to be a love affair between LDU Officer Muyaga’s wife and the LC1 chairperson identified as Francis Musaasizi

The act of the crime is documented in a CCTV video clip that is circulating around social media. In the clip, the LC 1 chairperson is seen arriving at a clinic on Elgin Street in Masaka. People originally assumed that this was a boda-boda transporter.

The Chairperson is then seen greeting the LDU Officer, Miyaga and moments later, a lady seated at the entrance of the clinic, identified as Byansi Clinic, stands up and follows the chairperson to his motorcycle.

As the lady prepares to seat, Mr Miyaga cocks his gun and fires one, point blank, right through his wife before dishing out two more at the LC 1 Chairperson. LDU Miyaga is then seen fleeing the scene of the crime as on-lookers dash into any open doors.

DPC Abbass Senyonjo has confirmed the death of Mr Musaasizi the LC 1 chairperson . The alleged wife of the LDU officer died at the Masaka regional referral hospital on arrival.

The blood-soaked body of the LC 1 chairperson was removed from the scene of the crime by the Police.

According to Major Flavia Terimulungi, the spokesperson of the Kasijjagirwa Armoured Brigade, the unit was sent out to look for and arrest Mr Miyaga.

Mr Miyaga was found and he resisted arrest by shooting at the unit. The Armoured brigade returned fire and killed him.

Additional reporting by NTV


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