VIP SCUFFLE: Museveni’s blue-eyed boy tells off PPS Omona in leaked heated WhatsApp exchange

Dr. Kenneth Omona Olusegun, the Principal Private Secretary to the President and Businessman Isa Kato went bare knuckles in a heated WhatsApp exchange (PHOTO /Courtesy).

KAMPALA — A leaked WhatsApp rough exchange is dominating discussions on social media platforms on Monday after two top President Museveni’s aides including Dr. Kenneth Omona Olusegun, the Principal Private Secretary to the President went bare knuckles.

The exchange got off on Monday morning after businessman Isa Kato, accused PPS Dr. Omona of blocking his presidential direct appointment to the Diaspora Desk docket in the State House and instead sought to deploy him as an RDC in one of the very rural communities, an assignment Kato has since rejected.

“On the 19th Jan 2021, I met the President in Rwakitura and he gave clear instructions to the PPS to post me as a foreign officer,” Mr. Kato, staunch NRM mobiliser and an aide to the President wrote.

He added: “We debated on the position and on 5th Feb 2021, we met the President again who insisted this time that I should work with him on the Diaspora desk of State House and he assigned me work to do. It was a direct appointment and he again instructed the PPS Dr. Omona to quickly profile me.”

“I completed my draft profile and sent to Dr. Omona [but] up to today….he doesn’t pick my calls, he never responds to WhatsApp and several times he has blocked me from meeting the President”.

In a brief expose’ posted in a popular WhatsApp Group NRM Buganda Region, the businessman continued: “Now to my surprise, today he claims [to have] he communicated to the RDC Secretariat about my posting as RDC. I have never been appointed anywhere as RDC by the President.”

Kato also suggested to the group members to expose all the bad elements disguising to be serving the President and Ugandans when they are actually real Saboteurs.

“If this can happen to me, how about many others who have no capacity to even stand up for themselves?, Mr. Kato said.

Dr. Omona also retorted in equally strong language but reminded his colleague he wasn’t responsible for deploying RDCs but rather, adding that..

“If you missed out, I’m not responsible, mine ended on communicating,” Dr. Omona wrote.

Dr. Omona heads the Private Office and Household of the President as the Principal Private Secretary who is the overall coordinator, supervisor, and manager of the related staff and functional units.

All heads of related units, as well as private secretaries, report to the PPS.


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