Washington sends first ambassador to Sudan in 25 years


Ambassador John Godfrey arrived in Khartoum on Wednesday August 24 to be the first United States ambassador to Sudan in nearly 25 years (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KHARTOUM —The first US ambassador to Sudan in nearly 25 years received his post, the US Embassy said on Wednesday.

“Ambassador John Godfrey arrived in Khartoum today to be the first US ambassador to Sudan in nearly 25 years,” the embassy said in a written statement.

“Godfrey will work to strengthen relations between the American and Sudanese people and to support their aspirations to freedom, peace, justice, and a transition to democracy,” it added.

“He also looks forward to advancing priorities related to peace and security, economic development, and food security”.

On Thursday, Amb John Godfrey I met with Sudan’s acting Foreign Minister Ali to discuss deepening ties between the U.S and Sudanese peoples.

Both also discussed the importance of establishing a new civilian-led government, a key to facilitating greater government-to-government cooperation and greater U.S. international development assistance.

Until then, Ambassador John Godfrey said the U.S. remains committed to humanitarian aid.

The ambassador’s arrival comes as Sudan reels from deepening unrest since last year’s military coup led by military chief Gen. Abdel Fattah al Burhan.

In 1996, the US closed its embassy in Khartoum after labelling the country a state sponsor of terrorism for hosting al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden at the time.

Washington reopened the embassy in 2002 with diplomatic representation below the level of ambassador.

In May 2020, Sudan appointed its first ambassador to Washington after 20 years of vacancy.

In November 2021, the US administration of President Joe Biden announced the appointment of Godfrey as ambassador to Khartoum.



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