We don’t exchange Prisoners’ bodies for Money – Uganda Prisons

Uganda Prisons Authorities have distanced themselves from allegations that they ask for money from Prisoner’s relatives inorder to hand them over bodies of the deceased convicts.

Uganda Prisons Spokesperson, Frank Baine Mayanja. (Courtesy photo)

According to Frank Baine , Spokesperson of Uganda Prisons, revealed that they have learnt about such allegations but those involved in such acts are fraudsters and conmen.

“That some fraudsters/conmen are calling prisoners’ relatives and falsely informing them of deaths of the prisoners. They then ask for money through mobile money to deliver the deceased bodies to them. The fraudsters claim to be doing this as staff of Uganda Prisons Service and or on behalf of the Service. This is false.”

Baine noted that wherever death of a prisoner occurs in our custody, the body of the deceased is conveyed to the Mortuary of a referral hospital and communication made to the relatives of the deceased through the RDC,CAO and Chief Magistrate of district of origin.

He further emphasized it that during the whole process, there no exchange of money involved or required.












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