We shall be Judged by our fruits – Pr. Ssenyonga

MAKERERE-Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga , the lead pastor of Christian Life Church Makerere Kavule , has urged believers to always emulate people that act in line with the Lord’s teachings.

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga


While Preaching at Christian Life Church, Ssenyonga emphasized that once you do good even those following you will do good and once you decide to act the opposite even others looking upto you will do the same.

“Jesus said that we shall see them from their fruits, if you bare good fruits , people will look emulate you and do good things , if you bare bad fruits you will be judged. Those who don’t bare fruits will not be spared because they will also be judged.”

He also pointed out that without fruits , its very hard to determine the productiveness or any body’s characters.

“As you pray to the lord, always ask him to favor you and bare good fruits of the Ministry. Pray that you develop a forgiving heart with love.”

Ssenyonga further advised believer to always be repentant at all times wherever they run out of the Lord’s glory as one of the tools of strengthening their faith.

This message has come at a time when all Christians are preparing for Easter Day , celebrated in commemoration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ who died for sins of man.









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