West Ankole Bishop Twinomujuni asks Archbishop Kazimba to seek meeting with Museveni to bargain for Eng. Silver Mugisha’s re-appointment as NWSC boss

President Museveni during the installation of Bishop Twinomujuni

BUSHENYI – A group of over 80 reverends in Bushenyi district led by their West Ankole Diocese Bishop, Rt Rev Johnson Twinomujuni have resolved to ask their boss Dr. Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu – the Church of Uganda Archbishop to seek a meeting with President Yoweri Museveni. In the meeting, they want to beg the appointing authority to re-consider their son – Eng Silver Mugisha for the third term as the Managing Director of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation – NWSC.

This follows their meeting with the 55-year-old Eng. Mugisha on Thursday, 07 October at Hotel Tuuza in which he asked them to petition the President for his renewal on grounds that he has equally helped the church.

During the meeting, Dr. Eng. Mugisha also tipped each of the reverends with a “retirement” goat of shs300,000.

“Had the President not wanted me, he wouldn’t have accepted the Board to re-appoint me,” sources reveal that he told the reverends during the meeting.

The Pressure follows President Museveni’s silence on renewing Dr. Eng. Mugisha’s contract despite the Board re-appointing him on a five-year- term earlier in May 2023.

National Water And Sewerage Corporation Managing Director Eng. Silver Mugisha

National Water And Sewerage Corporation Managing Director Eng. Silver Mugisha

Dr. Eng Mugisha who has headed the Corporation for the last ten years saw his contract expire on August 31st, 2023, and has since been in office only in hopes of the President renewing him but in vain. Previously all former Managing directors were serving two terms as per act it is not clear why the Board decided to give him the third term.

There are alleged reports that all has not been well at this water body and some months back, it was reported that the computers of the corporation were hacked into causing the loss of very vital information. This caused a lot of suspicion with people wondering what the motive was.

On the other hand, he has brought his blue-eyed manager Mr. Paul Kahigi, former FDC Bushinyi District L. C.V. Chairperson candidate, to stand on Minister Raphael Magyezi former seat – Igara West on an NRM ticket. This is to impress his boss for converting opposition leaders to the NRM party. Mr. Kahigi is NWSC Western Coordinator.

Recently, Archbishop Kaziimba visited Eng Mugisha’s home (a catholic) in Bushenyi – a move that the Archibishop explained as ecumenism -uniting all religions. But most  Anglicans were not happy with the Archbishop’s visit to Mugisha’s home arguing that if the reason was unity of different religions,  why didn’t the Archbishop also visit one prominent Moslem and a prominent Seve the Day Adventist?

The Archbishop would, however, later refute the claims, noting that he and the NWSC boss are longtime friends so his visit had nothing to do with religious matters.

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