Whistle blower petitions Opportunities Commission over ‘ambiguous’ job requirement for EC top seat

Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi EC chairman

Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi EC chairman

A whistle blower has petitioned the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) asking it intervene over what has described as an ambiguous job requirements for head of administration position at the Electoral Commission.

In a letter dated November 1, 2022, the whistle blower says the Electoral Commission has advertised the position of Head of Department/Administration whose requirement is possession of a Certificate in Administrative Law.

But according to the whistle blower, this requirement is not only irrelevant for the role but also derogatory and an indication that the position is being ring-fenced for a particular individual, hence rendering the recruitment process irregular and flawed.

“It is indeed very shocking for the Electoral Commission to state that a certificate in Administrative Law is extremely critical and mandatory for the role of a Head of Administration, moreover for an institution that has a fully-fledged Legal department to address or guide on legal matters if need arises,” the letter reads in part.

“This is therefore to appeal to your good office to exercise your powers and intervene to have this ambiguous, unnecessary and unfair requirement removed to allow transparency and free and fair competition for this position,” it adds.

The letter is copied to the Chairman Electoral Commission and the Inspector General of Government.
The letter was received and stamped by EOC.

However, the EC spokesman Paul Bukenya was not immediately available for a comment.

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