Why Uganda needs change makers now more than ever

George William Okoit, founder of Teso Textile Light Dynamics receives equipment from MTN Uganda led by Senior Manager, Risk and Compliance, Andrew Bukenya

George William Okoit, founder of Teso Textile Light Dynamics receives equipment from MTN Uganda led by Senior Manager, Risk and Compliance, Andrew Bukenya (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Uganda is currently experiencing lots of disruptions and crisis that call on citizens to raise and contribute to the economic empowerment of our communities and hence the nation.

To make such happen is the shift in people’s mindset towards an understanding that the community problems we face should be resolved by the people in the community. We must shift from the mindset of foreign or donor aid from foreign countries to resolve Africa’s problems.

George William Okoit, the founder of Teso Textile and Light Dynamics in Soroti City, is one of such people who is creating a huge impact in his community notwithstanding dropping out of school at a tender age in 2006.

He employs 15 people mainly single mothers in the tailoring business and also provides training opportunities to young women.

“I was raised by a single mother and I would like to uplift those young women who are trying to raise their children single-handedly,” he said.

Ugandans, like Okoit, have proven to be exceptional dreamers and doers. They have decided that their current state can’t define their better future destination, and it is the reason MTN Change Makers has been launched.

This is because MTN believes that Ugandans possess a strong ability to take what they have and transform it into something extraordinary through passion, skill, and unwavering commitment.

They can turn a highly competitive environment into a highly creative one. However, they need more support to realize their full potential.

The MTN Change Makers initiative, therefore, will support local individuals and organizations that are driven to make a profound impact on their communities.

The telecom company believes in the power of Ugandans to create change and turn their visions into realities.

This strategy will complement MTN’s usual corporate social responsibility initiatives, creating a much bigger impact on the communities. The support will be provided to individuals and organizations that already have the passion to achieve their dreams in their communities and transform the lives of the population.

Successful applicants will receive support worth Shs0.5 billion, and at least 25 projects will be implemented in 25 communities nationwide in the areas of health, education, youth empowerment, agriculture, and water and environment.

Winners will receive cash support, with Medium Dreams receiving UGX 10 million to UGX 20 million, Small Dreams UGX 5 million to UGX 10 million and Micro Dreams UGX 5 million and below to support them realise their dreams.

To ensure value for money, these projects will be implemented in close collaboration with the MTN team, local leaders, and other relevant stakeholders. The projects will be evenly distributed across five subregions: North, East, Greater Central, Central, and West.

This ensures equal representation in terms of access to resources in communities in need and impacts the lives of millions of people, including youth, women, and persons with disabilities.

Uganda needs more changemakers now than ever to transform the lives of our people. But change makers cannot stand on their own. They need support from all of us, especially in the private sector, so they can realize their dreams.

We must ensure that no one is left behind in the pursuit of their dreams because it can inspire hope, drive economic growth, and improve the quality of life across our nation.

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