Woman threatens to sue ex-VP Ssekandi as property wrangle turns sour

Former Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi risks legal battles over properties (PHOTO/File)

KAMPALA —A woman claiming to have sired children with former Vice President Edward Ssekandi has threatened to drag him to court, accusing him of trying to chase her off the properties she acquired with him, including her current residence.

In an August 31 letter of intent to sue, Letitia Nakimbugwe, through her lawyers Jude Mbabali and Company Advocates and Odeke & Co. Advocates, claims whereas the two entered into a relationship 25 years ago from which they have two children, Ssekandi is attempting to break some of their previous agreements by trying to take from her the properties they acquired together.

“That 25 years ago at Agripa Hotel in Masaka you met and fell in love with our client after which you started cohabiting with her and as a result of the said cohabitation you were blessed with two children namely; Nsomera Katrina and Nantume Cynthia aged 20 and 18 years respectively,” the letter reads in part.

“That as the love between you and herself grew, you jointly constructed a residential home at Nyanama, Busingiri Zone, Mutundwe Parish, Wakiso District in which you have continued to cohabit with her said children until recently when the relationship took another turn,” it adds.

Nakimbugwe claims the two agreed to identify a joint venture from which they would get money, part of which would cater to her and her children.

“… and you eventually zeroed on construction of commercial buildings on the various pieces of land that she searched for and helped you acquire. These include; Plot 14, Edward Avenue, Masaka City, Plot 763 Block 257 at Munyonyo, and Plot 17 Alexander Drive, Masaka City. Kampala Branch 1st Floor, Red Cross Building Plot 55Z Rubaga Road, Kampala, Masaka Branch Suit, Ground Floor URA Building, Kampala Road, Masaka,” the letter adds.

The woman claims to have jointly embarked on the development of the above-mentioned plots and constructed commercial buildings thereon some of which were completed in 2012 and others are about to be completed.

She also claims that she significantly contributed financially to buying construction materials and concentrated all her skills, time, and effort on overseeing the construction of the said buildings as ex-VP Ssekandi was busy with duties in Government and that she even traveled several times to China to buy construction materials, windows and doors for the said buildings.

“That upon completion of the commercial buildings and in particular the one at Plot 14, Edward Avenue Masaka City, you agreed to rent it out to potential tenants and it has been under her management from the time of Construction to date,” the letter adds.

“That you further agreed that you shall use some of the proceeds from tenants to pay school fees and upkeep for the said children as they study in the United Kingdom and that our client has been the one collecting rent from the said properties for that purpose,” the letter adds.

However, the woman claims that around January 2022, tenants in the said buildings informed her that they had been served with a notice dated the 30th day of December 2021 from Ssekandi & Co. Advocates, informing them of the changes in the management of the building and that they were required to sign new tenancy agreements yet her did this without her consent or knowledge.

“That through a letter dated the 10th day of January 2022 signed by yourself, a one VICTORIA SSEKANDI introduced herself to the said tenants requiring them to deposit rent on her personal account and was also requiring them to sign new tenancy agreements or be evicted. What shocked our Client to the marrows is the that fact that you even included the said residential home at Nyanama in which you have continued to cohabit with her as part of the properties from which the said Victoria Ssekandi must collect rent,” she said in her letter

She adds that he also hired Court Bailiffs who secured a court order so as evict her from the space she has been using since 2012 without any rental charges located on the said commercial building at Plot 14, Edward Avenue, purportedly for failure to pay to you rent of Ug. Shs. 3,000,000 for 6 months. The matter is in court.

“Therefore, arising from the above stated facts it is our Client’s contention that these actions are intended to deprive her of her interest in the said properties. IN THE PREMISES, we pray that you take notice that the above mentioned properties are jointly owned by you and our Client by virtue of the operation of the Doctrine of Proprietary Estoppels and Partnership and the purpose hereof is to pray that within two days from the date hereof you sit with our Client to have this issue settled, failure of which we have instructions to drag you to court to seek for; a declaration that you and our Client are tenants in common of the above mentioned properties and therefore have equal shares; damages for the losses suffered and costs of the suit,” the letter adds.


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