You will be the first victim! Bobi Wine attacks MP Nsereko for spearheading ‘repressive’ Computer Misuse Act

Kampala Central Member of Parliament, Mohammad Nsereko and NUP President Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine (PHOTO/Courtesy)

NUP President Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, has launched a scathing attack on Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko for spearheading the passing of what he described as a repressive Computer Misuse Act.

According to Bobi Wine, the Computer Misuse Act is intending to suppress freedom of speech and warned that Nsereko will be its first victim.

“Nsereko will be the first victim of the Computer Misuse Act that he is trying to promote to shut down Ugandans,” he said during an interview on Thursday, 22 September 2022.

“That Nsereko Bill that you call the Computer Misuse Act is targeting us. The regime is trying to make sure people have no free speech. The constitution is against that law because it mandates our free speech,” he added.

The Computer Misuse (Amendment) Act, 2022, which was passed by Parliament on September 8, seeks to enhance the provisions on unauthorised access to information or data; prohibit the sharing of any information relating to a child without authorisation from a parent or guardian; to prohibit the sending or sharing of information that promotes hate speech.

A new clause in the bill, proposed by the ICT committee chairperson Moses Magogo, defined social media and created penalties for computer users who take refuge in pseudo accounts.

The clause reads: “A person who uses social media to publish, distribute or share information, prohibited under the laws of Uganda or using disguised or false identity, commits an offence”.

However, the Act has attracted public condemnation, with many saying it is meant to stifle freedom of speech.

In the Thursday interview, Bobi Wine further reiterated the party’s support for the resolution of the European Union Parliament seeking to block the construction of the oil pipeline by Uganda and Tanzania.

Bobi Wine said he is happy that the EU Parliament raised important issues of human rights and the environment as the key reasons for stopping the pipeline project.

“For a long time, we have been calling upon the international communities to stop being the wind under Museveni’s wing. We have seen a new wave of abductions and gross human rights abuses, and we expect everybody to raise their voices on that. No wonder the EU Parliament has cited gross Human Rights abuses, among others,” he said.

“Do you know the trouble Ugandans would be in if Gen. Museveni got that oil money? Do you know that all these countries that have descended into political monarchs are using oil wealth?” he added.

The NUP President insisted that Uganda’s governance challenges are largely due to Museveni’s overstay in power.

“You can only curb corruption by first removing the untouchables from power. If the parliament is a den of corruption then how will you stop the vice? Corruption is the way of life in Uganda. Most East African countries have had a peaceful transition of power but come here in Uganda, it is coming to 40 years but we haven’t seen any change of government,” he said.


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