African giant launches early bird Pre-IPO shares

Thembekile Mzantsi

Thembekile Mzantsi

KAMPALA — Africa’s first green revolution giant has finally opened an opportunity to a limited number of people that sums up to 32 high net worth individuals or companies to buy early bird shares in Agilitee during this Pre-IPO Private Placement.

This comes right after the pioneer of Electric Vehicles in Africa’s advisors AcaciaCap Advisors who are Johannesburg Stock Exchange approved Sponsors for IPOs received approvals from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in South Africa for subdivision of Agilitee shares and reorganization of Agilitee’s share capital structure which enables Agilitee to issue shares right away. This is the first step of of the IPO and Agilitee has ticked all the boxes.

Yesterday Agilitee opened its doors to the only 32 people, companies or groups allowing them an opportunity to buy into Agilitee Pre-IPO as the company drums up for Africa’s first AI, Green Tech and EV IPO ever.

The Agilitee IPO is watched by the whole world closely as it is going to also pioneer and start a new IPO boom for Africa through the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange is the 19th largest stock exchange in the world and the largest in Africa, which makes it plainly obvious that Agilitee IPO will lead many tech prospects from all around Africa to IPO on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange because of its size, access to foreign investors and liquidity.

Crickey Du Plessis

Crickey Du Plessis

Agilitee has recently reorganized itself and went global. Recently the giant opened offices in Asia and appointed a very well experienced tech executive Dr. Noour Ali Zehgeer as the CEO of Agilitee Asia, it has also established presence in North America and will be announcing the CEO of Agilitee North America in a week.

This IPO has created a lot of billionaires and principal among them is the founder himself. Dr. Mandla Lamba is now the second richest man in Africa as his shares in Agilitee are worth $15.5 billion, this is based only on Agilitee shares as it is understood that he also owns many other companies.

He is followed by Bonisile Roberts who is the CEO of Agilitee Africa who is now worth $1.2 billion, Thembekile Mzantsi who is the partner of Lamba at Verityhurst is also worth R5 billion, Nkululeko Magwaza who also serves as Head of Inventory at Agilitee the global structure is also worth R2.1 billion and Kriekie Du Plessis the current Deputy CEO of Agilitee Africa also her Agilitee shares are worth R1.1 billion.

This has to be commended because it sets a new stage that will breed Africa’s Silicon Valley and turbocharge the African Economy.


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