Dossier pins NWSC boss Dr. Silver Mugisha over illegal promotions, nepotism and corruption

Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha is accused of corruption and nepotism (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — A document in circulation has made damning allegations against the National Water and Sewerage Corporation Managing Director Dr. Silver Mugisha including corruption and nepotism.

Dr. Mugisha is accused of promoting and appointing tribesmen and relatives to higher positions at the utility body and in the process unfairly influencing the recruitment processes and undermining staff morale.

“Silver Mugisha and your entire top management, we are sick and tired of your corrupt leadership in this corporation and this is the time to rise up as workers and expose your disgusting corrupt ways when it comes to appointments, confirmation and awarding salary scales in this Coporations,” the document reads.

“We want a standard scale policy where each and every position has a set salary scale. How can a Manager be at scale 5 yet he/she is supervising a principal commercial officer at scale 2?, reads the document being circulated on the NWSC e-mail after the staff association, gave a vote of no confidence to Dr. Mugisha leadership.

Dr. Mugisha who has been the helm of National Water for the last decade is also accused of blocking staff developments, sectarianism and “womanising in the Coporation”.

“We want a standard salary scale for every position and the only difference in these salary scales should be on notches and this should be with evidence of the number of years one has worked for the Coporation.”

“Mugisha if you know the anger and bitterness we have towards you you would not even be alive today. You stop forcing us to fill your stupid survey form. That’s how you have been fooling us and doing nothing. All we want is a standard scale alignment that is fair.”

The staff have since shared a copy of the e-mail with top management and asked whoever gets the same to continue and spread it as they fight for an open fair salary scale standard that tallies with a specific position.

“You might think your salary scale is nice and you don’t want to fight for this cause but if your god father leaves another person will come and scrap your scale because this Coporation is rotten. So let’s fight now to put a standard salary scale structure so that we stop this confusion of awarding scales according to who the MD and top bosses are having sex with.”

“So whoever gets this mail please ask your fellow staffs to send their position and salary scale to this email”.

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation have since dismissed the the allegations —saying the cooperation l has a clear salary structure, ranging from SC1-8.

“Staff are recruited and later on promoted to different scales, based on their performance level and experience,” a NWSC statement responding to document indicated, adding “it is not about having the same roles and responsibilities. It is about how one performs their roles and responsibilities.”

NWSC said it has also experienced some new staff that join the corporation and quickly feel a sense of entitlement to promotion, without due consideration of the effort inputs and performance results.

“This is not acceptable, given that NWSC survival and sustainability depends on a strong results-orientation.”


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