FINALLY! FDC apologizes to journalists

Following the pressure from various Journalists bodies and human rights organizations condemning the brutal attack on journalists at Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) offices , the party has officially commented on the incident.

One of the journalists who was attacked at FDC headquarters yesterday (Courtesy photo)

in a letter issued on Friday morning, addressed to the Media, Hon Patrick Amuriat , the Party President has asked the members of the fourth estate to forgive them for the unfortunate incident were some of their party members misbehaved as he promises to investigate the matter thoroughly.

“We deeply APOLOGIZE to all the journalsts who were hurt during this incident , we have and shall always recognize journalists as one of our great allies in the struggle for democracy.
and we acknowledge their invaluable role in informing the public and holding us leaders accountable.” reads part of the letter

Amuriat promised that such incidents will never happen again as he extended
sincere apologies to the entire media fraternity.

“We are committed to taking immediate and decisive action to address the

Journalists Association
Earlier on Friday morning, Abubaker Lubowa , the interim President of Journalists Association had asked all journalists to shun all activities at FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi untill the Party officially apologize for the incident on top of fulfilling other demands.

“We demand that; Those who were manning the FDC party headquarters at the time of the incident will be held accountable by the FDC. Police must arrest whoever ordered the assault together with the persons who assaulted the journalists.”

Uganda Journalists Association (UJA)

In the statement which was issued on Thursday, Signed by Mathias Rukundo UJA President, these condemned the barbaric actions against journalists and asked for an immediate action to be taken against all individuals behind it.

“What was caused or journalists is not only being criminal but also a vilaticn of press freedom under Article 29 and 40 of the 1995 Constitution of Uganda.” reads part of the statement


On Thursday , a group of people said to be FDC supporters beat up journalists who had gone to cover a press briefing by the Party Chairperson Hon Waswa Birigwa , some journalists had their equipment damaged, others stolen on top of being severely wounded.

Nowaman Ainembabazi who is attached to Urban TV- Vision Group was injured and was later rushed to a nearby health facility.

Charles Katabalwa working with Radio
Sapientia, Joseph Blikuddembe from Cbs Emmanduso and George William Katolaba-Namirembe Fm had their equipment snatched away from them.








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