Flying Squad arrests two over Mukono supermarket robbery

CCTV camera captures armed robbers raiding Spice supermarket in Mukono District on June 24. Photo/Video grab

CCTV camera captures armed robbers raiding Spice supermarket in Mukono District on June 24. Photo/Video grab

The Flying Squad Unit and Mukono Police have in custody two suspects linked to the aggravated robbery of Spice Supermarket, located Ku Ssatu, in Namubiru ward, Mukono Central Division in Mukono Municipality on Friday.

According to police spokesman Fred Enanga, the two suspects were sighted on the eve of the robbery, while drinking at Cloud 9 bar, near the supermarket.

He identified the suspects as Mugalu William, a 24-year-old resident, of Nasuuti cell, Ntawo ward, Mukono Central and Mbogo Sam, a 23 year old, resident of Nasuuti cell, Ntawo ward, Mukono municipality.

“They were clearly identified by one of the witnesses who clearly saw them escaping from the scene,” Enanga said.

He said police are now working towards the recovery of the gun and identifying other members of the gang, who appear to be an amateur group.

“Such groups are usually desperate, panicky more high risk and willing to use violence. They shot a bullet through the computer, which injured Ssekandi Irene, through the stomach and exited from the back,” he said.

“A team of counsellors from CID Headquarters has been dispatched to offer counselling services to the victim,” he added.

Enanga said although attacks on supermarkets have not been so regular, they anticipate more retail crimes on supermarkets, mobile money points, retail shops, markets etc, which continue to be at risk, due to high levels of unemployment among the youth, use of drugs, change in criminal tactics, where robbers attack softer targets with lesser security, such as supermarkets and the opportunity of get-away. Other than guns, knives, machetes, screw drives and other sharp objects are used.

“As the Joint Security Agencies, we have deployed more manpower both overt and covert in Mukono, to help dismantle the criminal gangs behind retail crimes. We also call upon the public to strengthen their neighbourhood watch programs and also boost security measures like connecting their alarms to police stations and deploying a sufficient number of private security guards,” he added.


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