IAN ORTEGA: It’s no longer about covid19, it’s now about control

They are intentionally spreading the fear. They are using fear to condition us. And slowly by slowly we give up more of our individual freedoms. Because they know in moments of fear, people look for a strong figure to trust. And governments are positioning themselves as that figure.

They keep showing you photos of the coffins and the grave yards. They keep showing you photos from Italy. They are not telling you the whole story. Ask them about Singapore, about Vietnam, about South Korea.

They’ve intentionally skewed the debate into a binary one, a yes or no, that it is life versus death. Every time you ask them to open up, they remind you of this binary set. But it is not a matter of life and death. They are not giving the whole story. They are not giving perspective to the deaths happening around.

The ones voting to extend the Lockdown, they have no skin in the game. They have no jobs to lose. They don’t run businesses. They are secured by our taxes. Those with nothing to lose should not be making decisions for those with something to lose.

This is not even about the virus anymore. This is about control. You say you love democracy, but what happened? You all abandoned it when you needed it the most. You’ve chosen to give all your rights to the government.

Imagine no one is challenging Museveni on anything anymore. Government can wake up tomorrow and say everyone stay in your bedroom and no one will question.

So much power that has been given to a select few. How do we know for sure that they are right? Who is checking and balancing all these powers?

COVID-19 is not going to destroy us. It is our stupid reaction to this virus that will kill us. At some point, enough is going to be enough!

Do you notice the lockdown is only being eased on things that favour their businesses? It is them who are constructing in this period. The common man is not constructing. It is them who own warehouses. The common man is not importing anything. Again, it is total control. They are making the poor, poorer, as the rich gets richer.

The rich have told the poor to stay home so that the rich don’t get sick. And when all this is done, the rich are gonna tell the poor; “come we give you some crumbs, come we employ you for 50K.” You know where 90% of the Covid-19 budget is going?

This is actually a war against the common man. It must be resisted!

You know the war on drugs was never about drugs. It was about the black person in America. Because most black people in America were already poor, they had locked them out of schools, so drugs is how they survived. So when they launched the war on drugs, it was to get these black people. It was racism 3.0. And then who gained? The private firms that ran the prison cells. Because they were being paid based on how many blacks they had in their correctional facilities.

Similarly this is not a war on COVID-19. This is a war on the poor person. Not only do they want to control this person politically, they will now also control this person economically.

It is fear, it is control. Be careful about the person who claims to be saving you!


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