Museveni seeks evidence from UK on Speaker Among’s alleged properties

President Museveni has asked authorities in the UK to provide evidence regarding Speaker Among’s alleged properties

KAMPALA, UGANDA – President Yoweri Museveni has directed Foreign Affairs Minister Gen Jeje Odongo to request evidence from UK authorities regarding allegations that Speaker Anita Among owns properties in the UK, including houses.

In a letter dated May 11, President Museveni stated that he had received a letter from Dr. Patricia Achan Okiria, Deputy Inspector General of Government, which clarified that Speaker Among had not declared a house in the UK. Dr. Okiria’s letter quoted Speaker Among as saying, “I do not own a house or houses in the UK.”

President Museveni has demanded that the UK authorities provide evidence to support their claims, emphasizing that Uganda will not tolerate false accusations against its citizens. He instructed the Foreign Affairs Minister to work with the Attorney-General to demand the source of the UK’s information.

“Therefore, working with the Attorney-General, write an appropriate letter to the relevant authorities in UK to demand the source of their information. They cannot falsely accuse any of our people and we just let it pass,” the President wrote in a letter confirmed by State House.

The UK government recently imposed sanctions on Speaker Among, freezing her assets in the UK and imposing a travel ban, citing concerns over corruption and illicit wealth. Speaker Among has denied owning any property in the UK, maintaining that the sanctions are politically motivated due to her passing of the Anti-gay law in 2023.

Speaker Among stated, “I have only been to the UK once, and I don’t even have a cat there. These sanctions are politically motivated, and I am carrying a cross for 48 million Ugandans.”

The investigation is ongoing, and the outcome will determine whether Speaker Among’s denial will be vindicated or if she will face consequences for allegedly hiding her wealth.


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