Parliament directs DPP to reinvestigate Joan Kagezi, Abiriga murders

Investigations into the assassination and murder of former Principal State Attorney Joan Kagezi and ex-Arua Municipality Ibrahim Abiriga stalled (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA – The Parliamentary committee on human rights has directed the Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate high-profile murders that took place in the country.

The committee chaired by Mr Fox Odoi [West Budama North] wants DPP to conduct a prosecution-led investigation into the murder of former Prosecutor Ms Joan Kagezi, former MP Mr Ibrahim Abiriga, Mr Saidi Kongo and Mr Yassin Kawuma [Mr Robert Kyagulanyi’s driver].

Mr Fox Odoi, the chairman Committee on human rights at Parliament instructed the DPP to ensure that there is prosecutor-led investigation on all high profile murders in Uganda

He also named the murders of Sheikhs Muhammad Kiwewa, Ibrahim Kirya, Mustafa Bahiga and Mr Ramathan Walyendo among others.

“You need to take over the investigations of these cases; we want you to form a team led by the DPP and investigate these cases and report to us in six months,” ordered Mr Odoi.

Mr John Baptist Asiimwe, the director management and support services led the DPP team that appeared before the human rights committee of Parliament chaired by Mr Fox Odoi Yesterday [28 July].

The members of the committee were not happy to hear that there was no progress on the prosecution of the suspects in all the cases involving high-profile murders across the country.

Ms Rose Obiga, the Terego Woman MP said it was sad that Yassin Kawuma, Mr Robert Kyagulanyi driver was murdered and the case has not progressed up to now.

“He left Kampala to go and die in Arua; many others have remained traumatized, and the people of Arua curse whoever touched these files and are doing nothing. But I want to understand what happened; Do you still have interest in this case?” Ms Obiga asked.

The Committee wants the office of DPP to institute criminal proceedings against police officers who shot dead Yassin Kawuma in 2018 in Arua.

While responding to recommendations filed in the human rights report of 2018 – 2020, Mr Asiimwe said that some files have been resubmitted for consideration they were sent back for re-investigation.

“The file was received by our office in Arua on 26 October 2018, perused through and sent back for police to conduct further investigations in November 2018 but up to now it has not been resubmitted,” said Mr Asiimwe.

The meeting preceded a meeting with Uganda Police Force.


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