Parliament gives UNEB UGX. 15 billion to curb exam malpractice

Parliament approved a request by the Ministry of Education and Sports to boost the Security of exams in the country, by increasing the budget for the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) by UGX11b.

Part of the funds will be used for the purchase of specialized machinery and equipment at UGX4.50b and the funds will specifically cater to the purchase of the counting, wrapping, and labeling machine for efficiency benefits and minimizing exam leakages.

Parliament allocates money to UNEB

The UNEB  intends to purchase specialized Machinery and Equipment at UGX6.50b with the funds meant for the purchase of a security printer for certificates and slips.

The remaining, according to the budget UGX4.10 will go towards the purchase of specialized Machinery and equipment for the purchase of IT security solutions for the certificate.

Other essentials who benefited

However, it isn’t only UNEB that received a boost in its budget but also the Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory that is running a UGX108b project over a five year period to establish the DNA database intended to not only improve national security and criminal identification but, will also eliminate massive arrests, in many instances innocent people that lead to congestion in prisons and the associated costs of feeding them.

MPs gave the additional UGX5b for the construction of a DNA data bank that will help resolve many problems associated unit.

Parliament also approved UGX5b for Foreign intelligence collection to the External Security Organisation on grounds that the move will provide timely and reliable external intelligence and to counter external security threat and the measure would involve deployment in at least six more foreign stations.

The Minister of Finance, Matia Kasaija thanked MPs for working tirelessly to pass the budget in these circumstances but warned the MPs that the budget will be subject to changes in case circumstances in the country change track.


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