Quadball; Young people vow to popularize the game country wide

Quadball one of the few games still gaining popularity country wide has excited many Ugandan youths engaged in it and have promised to promote it further especially among their peers.

Quadball players from Bunamwaya COU Primary School.

The game which attracts players from as low as 10 years and has been in Uganda for less than 8 years is gaining momentum in both Ugandan schools and communities.

In Central region, the game is popular in Masaka Region, Kampala district and Wakiso district.

Some of the players who are now addicted to this game have shared with us their experience as well as their plans for this activity.

Mellisa Mboira one of the Quadball players at Bunamwaya Church of Uganda Primary School revealed that she was attracted to the game by her colleagues whom she used to admire as they played.

Some of Quadball junior team players in action.

“I am in Primary Seven , at first i used to look at this sporting activity as a boring one because I didn’t understand it very well. Eversince i learnt its techniques i don’t see any other game better than this.”

She added that she balances well sports with academics which has enabled her enjoy her school life.

Kiggundu Shakul , a Primary Seven Student who plays as a Beater in his school team says that for over six months he has been playing he has learnt alot of skills which he intends to improve upon so as to become one of Uganda’s top stars in that field.

“Our School through the headteacher has supported us through coordinating with ELSA Africa in ensuring that we get the required training and equipments.”

He further promised that he is going to act as an Ambassador who will be attracting more young people into this game.

Wagaba Trevor Joram , a Chaser in ELSA team pointed out that Quadball has not only kept them as youth but it has also promoted physical fitness among players.

“While playing quadball , we have visited various parts of this country which we had never visited before. We our main target is now to participate in the forthcoming swiss Quadball championship in Switzerland next year.”

Wagaba added that wherever they are training, they bring their colleagues as spectators who later end up as players.

ELSA Quadball team players.

Daisy Mukisa , the Public Relations Officer of Education for Life and Social Action (ELSA) Africa revealed that they have put much emphasis in promoting talents among young people so as to have continuity of the game through out all generations.

“We have promoted Children’s talents at all levels of education with hope that this game is going to be spread to all parts of this country. So far it has been introduced in schools like Bunamwaya COU Primary , Gombe Junior etc.”

Mukisa also called upon parents to be supportive to their children especially when it comes to promoting their talents as it is in European countries.

Quadball in Uganda

Quadball is a game which started in 2005 at Middlebury College in United States of America (USA) and it has grown to over 600 teams in close to 40 countries.

In Uganda the game gained popularity around 2018 in Masaka and later spread to other parts of the country.


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