Rakai, border communities on the brink as two coronavirus infections are identified from community

Uganda has on Wednesday 29 registered  two new COVID-19 positive cases— taking the tally to 81.

Both cases are male 24 year old Ugandan and 21 year old Burundian refugee who were drawn from 299 samples tested among the community and individuals under quarantine.

Ministry of Health says the duo who is at Rakai Hospital is a contact of a confirmed Burundian refugee.

“Today, we got 2 positives out of 2002 cases tested .These were under quarantine at the time of testing .These were the contacts of one positive .The total number is now at 81,” Ministry of Health PS Diana Atwine Tweeted.

“All 1,703 samples from truck drivers at border points of entry tested negative for COVID-19. A total of 2,002 samples tested today.

A day before, health officials had tested a total of 2400 samples which all returned negatives results.

A breakdown of this statistic includes 53 Ugandans, one Canadian, one Indian resident, two Chinese, two Burundian, nine Kenyans and 13 Tanzanians.

President Yoweri Museveni, addressing the country on the Coronavirus pandemic said taking nationwide measures to curb the spread of the deadly virus was significant and has thanked Ugandans for responding with a positive attitude.

He particularly thanked “the security forces for enforcing those measures”, and also thanking “ media and Ugandans for fighting this war by listening to advice”.

Uganda has registered 79 cases of coronavirus by Tuesday, April 28.

A breakdown of this statistic includes 52 Ugandans, one Canadian, one Indian resident, two Chinese, 1 Burundian, nine Kenyans and 13 Tanzanians.

As many as 14,789 people tested in Uganda have been found to be negative of coronavirus.

Uganda’s approach of “keeping quiet and listening” has led to no new cases registered within the society for the last one week.

This, according to the President, could mean three possibilities:

One, there are no more cases in the country – “and that would be wonderful news”.
Second, the people are being infected but they are not getting sick.
Third, some of the people are dying from an underlying disease, but people do not know that coronavirus has contributed to their demise. To find out the cause here, “our people are using verbal autopsy”.

“In these remaining days, our experts are going to study more,” says Mr. Museveni


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