Tian Tang Group Prioritizes Worker Safety and Decent Working Environment in Uganda’s Mbale Industrial Park

Kampala, Uganda – Tian Tang Group has demonstrated its commitment to creating decent jobs for the local community, with a strong emphasis on worker safety and decent working conditions.

“The safety of our workers is our top priority. We have well-equipped factories with fire extinguishers and proper guarding, and we are well-prepared in case of any fire incidents,” said Ms. Marium Lydia Kyalikoba, Human Resource Manager at Sino-Mbale Industrial Park.

The company adheres to Ugandan labor laws and prioritizes employees’ welfare, providing proper working times, including late night shifts and meal breaks. “We provide proper working times, including late night shifts and meal breaks. Our working hours are well-regulated and disciplined, and we strive to follow Ugandan labor laws at least 90% of the time,” Kyalikoba added.

Robust safety measures have been established, including the provision of uniforms and safety shoes, safe working conditions, and reasonable bonuses for work beyond stipulated hours.

Employees have reported positive experiences, citing stable jobs and a supportive work environment. “Since joining Sino Mbale two years ago, I can now pay school fees for my two children, rent, and food, thanks to my stable job,” said Esther Lovinsa, a quality control worker at Black Ark, part of the Tin Tanga Group.

“I oversee up to 50 employees in my section, and I’m proud to say that the firm has created a positive and supportive work environment. These employees you see are the greatest asset the factory has, and they strive to treat them with the respect and care they deserve,” said Ogwaanga, who has been working with Tian Tang for the last three years.

Located in the eastern district of Mbale, the industrial park hosts 48 operating industries out of a potential 100 factories. Authorities expect the park to create over 20,000 jobs and attract over US$600 million in investment, significantly contributing to Uganda’s economic growth and development.

The park offers incentives to investors, including tax breaks, duty-free imports, and access to a skilled workforce. Currently, the park hosts 48 companies, producing a diverse range of 67 products without duplication.

The industrial park employs over 6,000 people, with 90% being local employees and 10% international. The management aims to increase local employment to over 20,000, with a focus on gender balance. On-the-job training is provided for both skilled and unskilled workers, upskilling locals and enabling them to start their own businesses.

“Locals without prior experience learn to operate machines and gain skills, enabling them to start their own businesses,” said Kennedy Mushemeeza, the Public Relations Manager.

The park’s skilled employees have acquired hands-on experience, enabling them to compete with university graduates. The China-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park’s strategic location and favorable business environment position it to become a hub for industrial activity in the region, promoting social justice and decent work for all. This development aligns with the 2024 theme of “Social Justice and Decent Work for All,” showcasing the benefits of China-Uganda partnerships in promoting economic growth and decent work. As the park continues to grow, it is expected to have a positive impact on the local community and contribute to the country’s economic development.

Authorities have praised the park’s commitment to safety and decent work, citing it as a model for responsible investment and industrial development in Uganda.


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