Uganda’s first online real estate map and directory launches

Real Estate overall is an integral part of the Ugandan economy, contributing on average about 7.5 percent to Uganda’s GDP per year

Ugandan commercial real estate news, information, and data resource for industry professionals, Real Muloodi News Network, announces the formal launch of the Real Estate Industry Map and Directory.

This directory will assist readers in identifying and communicating with real estate agents and brokers, construction specialists, surveyors, property managers, interior designers, property lawyers, accountants, bankers, insurance companies, and more. The requested information is displayed on a map and as a listing on an interactive page on the Real Muloodi website.

The Real Muloodi site also provides advertising opportunities to businesses throughout Uganda, offering advertisers access to professionals throughout the real estate industry.

“This is Uganda’s first and only visual directory of businesses that serve the real estate sector. We help clients find exactly what business or specialty they are looking for, in their local area, in three clicks or less,” observes Director of Client Relations, Hussein Sekinalya.
“At the same time, we are helping businesses to literally put themselves on the map and be discovered,” he adds.

Due to Uganda’s high urbanization rates, the demand for real estate-related services is multiplying. The signing of agreements for the oil and gas pipeline development project is exacerbating demand across the entire real estate sector.

Real Estate overall is an integral part of the Ugandan economy, contributing on average about 7.5 percent to Uganda’s GDP per year.

However, the impacts of COVID-19 and related lockdowns have left many businesses reeling. The Real Estate Industry Map and Directory will help the real estate industry and associated players get back on their feet. This industry-specific directory allows players to boost their businesses while enabling clients to connect with local industry specialists to help them achieve their real estate goals. There is an opportunity for professionals across the sector, from developers to brokers, financiers, surveyors, property managers, lawyers, builders, plumbers, painters, and others.

“Listing your business on the Real Estate Industry Map and Directory is completely free, it’s our way of giving back to our readers,” explains Sekinalya. “Business owners can submit their business details right from the Directory webpage, and their listing will be added in 48 hours, after a validation check has been performed.”

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