UJA asks President Museveni to recognize herbalist Dr Senfuka, support his research

Moses Rukundo, the UJA president said all individual players that have contributed to the discovery of herbal medicines need be recognized as it will motivate many new discoveries in herbal science (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) , the umbrella association of journalists in Uganda wants President Museveni to reward and recognize Dr. David Senfuka, a researcher of Herbal Medicine, but also help further develop his research.

Dr Senfuka, is a researcher and herbalist who has used his herbal medicine to cure diseases like cancer, diabetes, among others.

Among those that have testified is Mrs. Doreen Zziwa of Kasenge in Wakiso district who defeated breast cancer while pregnant after using treatment of the said herbal remedy.

Other impeccable senior citizens including among others, Hon. Justice John Bosco Katutsi Hon. Kasole Bwereere Lwanga, etc, have publicly given out testimonies of how they were liberated by Mr. Ssenfuka’s herbal medicines.

Speaking at a press conference held in Kampala, Moses Rukundo, the UJA president, said all individual players that have contributed to the discovery of herbal medicines be recognized as it will motivate many new discoveries in herbal science.

“For example, as Prof. Patrick Ogwang of Jena Herbal Products was rewarded for his COVIDEX medicine which is helping in the treatment of COVID 19 and other related diseases, Dr. Kyewalabye, so should David Ssenfuka for his Cancer and Diabetes treatment medicines,” Rukundo said.

He asked the president to render all the necessary support required to enable Dr Senfuka’s innovation attain the recognition required.

“It is our considered opinion as journalists to render sincere service to the Country to inform youof the truth which we are saying to you. Unbelief is responsible for our misfortune as a third world Country and our role is to break the good news to you,” he said.

“we implore the president to recognize these local innovators for we know so well that such monumental recognitions are an incentive to Increased productivity and engagement, national satisfaction and sense of pride, Country loyalty and retention of quality inventors. We therefore call upon the president to fascinate the idea of recognizing all the scientists that were at the heart of this discovery who were led by Dr. Grace Nambatya but also in a special way honor David Ssenfuka with not only national honors but with the monetary benefits and privileges befitting men of valor like him,” he said.

He also requested that the team headed by Dr. Nambatya, be allocated a certain monetary benefit for The intellectual contributions as a way of recognizing their efforts but also promote the achievements worldwide as a way of appreciating their noble contributions of discovering the novel therapeutic properties of Ssenfuka’s herbal medicine.

The Journalist body also requested the president to help Dr. Senfuka’s herbal Medicine discovery formula patented.

These say, this will help him to protect the research and highly improve the medicinal products that have changed Uganda’s research status in the arena of herbal research treatment in Africa and beyond for avoidance of fake duplications, but also to enable government realize much reasonable tax revenue collection.


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