CID Warns Public of Imposter Call Fraudsters

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga

KAMPALA, UGANDA – The Directorate of CID has issued a warning to the public about a new group of imposter call fraudsters targeting victims in the country. These fraudsters impersonate VIPs, government officials, and business persons, soliciting money for various reasons such as wedding contributions, utility bills, and donations.

According to the CID, several members of the public have already fallen victim to these imposter calls, resulting in significant financial losses. The police are urging the public to remain vigilant and carry out due diligence when receiving such calls.

To avoid falling prey to these fraudsters, the CID advises the public to interrogate the caller further to verify their identity, reach out to the intended beneficiary in person or call them on their real phone number, and avoid calls with follow-up persons. Additionally, the public is urged to report any suspicious phone calls to the nearest police station.

The CID is working tirelessly to track down and crack down on the imposter call racket, using all available tools and resources to protect the public from these schemes.

“We will find and hold accountable anyone who exploits innocent citizens using deceptive practices like imposter fraud,” said Fred Enanga, Police Spokesperson. “Regardless of where they are, they will not go undetected.”

The public is urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities immediately.


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