Education Minister Janet Museveni directs Universities on term opening


Education Minister Janet Museveni has directed university councils of all universities throughout Uganda ensure that intended work is covered when institutions open at the end of COVID-19.

Mrs. Museveni addressing the country on Thursday April 30 urged students to read widely to widened their knowledge using their course outlines “which they have with them.

“I have requested the university councils of all universities throughout the country to work with their management structures and National Council for Higher Education to ensure that all the intended work is covered when education institutions open,” the Education Minister said.

She, however, applauded universities that have embraced technology to ensure that learning continues in spite of the COVID-19 shutdown.

The Ministry of Education greatly appreciates the innovations and research that universities are undertaking to provide some solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic and technology and socio- economical problems,” Mrs. Museveni noted.

Local Governments have also been directed to make sure that printed educational material reaches all students in the country.

“I wish to appeal to all local governments to ensure that all print materials by the most deserving learners who need to do this work while still at home.”



  1. mugalula pius

    May 1, 2020 at 13:15

    only worried of late fee please

  2. Mwebaze Benjamin

    May 1, 2020 at 13:15


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